ICD 008 — ALEX KELMAN «Siberian Pop» is out now!

After releasing 2 EP’s «Songs of fake and Distortion» (2014) and «Vintage» (2015), Siberian musician and sound-producer Alex Kelman released a new single «Time» and full album «Siberian Pop» on his own Alex Kelman’s label IceCreamDisco.

Flirting with the main subjects of the world famous hits, always covers it in different ways: serial winking synth-pop & electro-punk recalls the names of Chemical Brothers, Death in Vegas, B-52’s or reminds about a previous Alex’s project Punk TV. Band will follow their release with a long European Tour, including 15 european countries, club shows and festivals.

TonySoprano’s «Rave in Ravenna» album is out now

Artist: TonySoprano
Label: IceCreamDisco
Release date: 15.03.2016 / ICD005

TonySoprano was a Moscow-based electropunk / indie band with sound producer Alex Kelman, talented bass-player Vladimir Bogoyavlenskiy and Boris Shkarpov on drums from Moscow’s band «16% of happiness». Soon, they will steal a singer Anna Panskova from a Moscow’s band Repeat Please.
During 2011-2013 the band played several tours across EU / Russia and self-released some singles /EP’s «Saturday» (2011 single) / «Wheels of TonySoprano» (2012 EP) / «Highway» (2012 single) / «Silence» (Remixed EP 2012) Band was decided to finish their music production on the same date the legendary actor James Gandolfini died.