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Meet IceCreamDisco RadioShow on JAMMONITE Internet Radio:

We will present to you a new releases and old tracks. In first edition you can listen some good independent music from Russia released in between 2012 — 2015
On air: Tuesday, October 13, 22:00 (Central EU time)

Fjordwalker | Gnoomes | Trust Inc | Aerofall | Mayгley | Bajinda Behind The Enemy Lines | Alex Kelman | Purple Eve | Real Good Hands | Slightlykilld | Secrets of the third planet | White Slaver | Sounds of Sputnik | Quintenza | Punk TV

GNOOMES First Album Release + Tour

Gnoomes started in February of 2014. The members are Alex, Pavel and Dmitriy. Gnoomes initially didn’t want to tie band’s music to existing tags and made their own — stargaze. Stargaze is like a human state, when you’re lying on the grass with your friends, telling funny stories, and watching shooting stars. Gnoomes sound was formed according to this condition. For a short time, Gnoomes produced romantic EP «It’s moonbow-time, boy», make several videos and had a mini-tour over the European part of Russia. Gnoomes first LP «Ngan!» will release via Rocket Recordings (UK) on 16 October.Gnoomestourpostewr

#stargaze #psychedelic #krautrock

A Copy For Collapse (Italy) and Junk Riot (Estonia) goes to Russia

Italian cold-wave artist A Copy For Collapse and Estonian post-punkers Junk Riot will touring Russia in the end of August — first half of September.


A Copy for Collapse will present to Russians his new «Waiting For» (12» Vinyl EP) with
a first act in Riga (LV) and last in Vilnius (LT), across Moscow, St.Pete, Voronezh, Lipetsk, Obninsk and Kaluga.


Junk Riot start their way on Far East’s huge festival «V-ROCKS» and will play on Trans-Siberian road in Novosibirsk, Omsk, Tumen and Ekaterinburg, finishing Moscow and St.Petersburg.

Polly’s European Tour

We are happy to announce a long tour for our talented Polly

POLLY (ambient, trip-hop, electronic / Yekaterinburg, RU)


polly tur

23.05 (RU) Yekaterinburg
24.05 (RU) Moscow | with Arms And Sleepers (USA)
27.05 (HU) Budapest | dj set
28.05 (SK) Komárno
29.05 (SK) Bratislava | Whoneedslyrics Festival
01.06 (HU) Budapest
02.06 (RS) Subotica | Omladina Festival
03.06 (RS) Novi Sad
04.06 (RS) Belgrade
05.06 (RS) Zaječar
06.06 (RS) Valjevo
07.06 (RS) Novi Pazar
08.06 (RS) Užice
09.06 (RS) Kruševac
10.06 (AL) Shkodër
11.06 (AL) Tirana
12.06 (ME) Podgorica
13.06 (ME) Nikšić
14.06 (ME) Kotor
16.06 (IT) Lecce
18.06 (IT) Bari
19.06 (IT) Senigallia
20.06 (IT) Jesi
21.06 (IT) Taranto
26.06 (CH) Luzern
28.06 (EE) Ahja
02.07 (EE) Tartu | dj set
03.07 (LV) Riga
04.07 (EE) Kilingi-Nõmme | Schilling Fest
05.07 (RU) Pskov
10.07 (RU) Yekaterinburg | Ogni Fest