TOP 5 RUSSIAN LP’S 2015 — version IceCreamDisco

We are happy to announce our «TOP 5 RUSSIAN LP’S 2015 — version IceCreamDisco»
Russian comments on each LP you can find here:

LP: The Universe. Side A
Label: IceCreamDisco

Label: Rocket Recordings

LP: New Party
Label: Heptagram

LP: 87% chill
Label: Self-release

LP: Weirdo Goes to the Disco
Label: Floe

Meet IceCreamDisco RadioShow on

Meet IceCreamDisco RadioShow on JAMMONITE Internet Radio:

We will present to you a new releases and old tracks. In first edition you can listen some good independent music from Russia released in between 2012 — 2015
On air: Tuesday, October 13, 22:00 (Central EU time)

Fjordwalker | Gnoomes | Trust Inc | Aerofall | Mayгley | Bajinda Behind The Enemy Lines | Alex Kelman | Purple Eve | Real Good Hands | Slightlykilld | Secrets of the third planet | White Slaver | Sounds of Sputnik | Quintenza | Punk TV

GNOOMES First Album Release + Tour

Gnoomes started in February of 2014. The members are Alex, Pavel and Dmitriy. Gnoomes initially didn’t want to tie band’s music to existing tags and made their own — stargaze. Stargaze is like a human state, when you’re lying on the grass with your friends, telling funny stories, and watching shooting stars. Gnoomes sound was formed according to this condition. For a short time, Gnoomes produced romantic EP «It’s moonbow-time, boy», make several videos and had a mini-tour over the European part of Russia. Gnoomes first LP «Ngan!» will release via Rocket Recordings (UK) on 16 October.Gnoomestourpostewr

#stargaze #psychedelic #krautrock

A Copy For Collapse (Italy) and Junk Riot (Estonia) goes to Russia

Italian cold-wave artist A Copy For Collapse and Estonian post-punkers Junk Riot will touring Russia in the end of August — first half of September.


A Copy for Collapse will present to Russians his new «Waiting For» (12» Vinyl EP) with
a first act in Riga (LV) and last in Vilnius (LT), across Moscow, St.Pete, Voronezh, Lipetsk, Obninsk and Kaluga.


Junk Riot start their way on Far East’s huge festival «V-ROCKS» and will play on Trans-Siberian road in Novosibirsk, Omsk, Tumen and Ekaterinburg, finishing Moscow and St.Petersburg.