Heidi Happy (CH) New Album «Golden Heart» and Russian Tour

“Golden Heart”, the new album from the inimitable Heidi Happy, is released on 7th March by Silent Mode/Irascible in Switzerland and by Icecreamdisco in Russia.Tonequake Records will release “Golden Heart” in North America in May. After the quieter “On the Hills”, Happy’s fifth album marks a joyful return of Happy’s more extravert side. Betraying hints of 70s glam and even disco, “Golden Heart” is another fine work from an artist full of confidence who has never shied away from the courageous and unusual.

25.03.2014 – Fish Fabrique Novelle, St.Petersburg RUSSIA
26.03.2014 – 16 Tons, Moscow RUSSIA
27.03.2014 – Akropol, Lipetsk RUSSIA
28.03.2014 – Barak O’Mama, Voronezh RUSSIA
29.03.2014 – Novy Gorod, Tambov RUSSIA
30.03.2014 – DK, Ryazan RUSSIA